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Giraffe connects to any data layer. We've got thousands of layers from around the world. We've connected to some city data in cities we love.

The Bay Area

San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara and more. Tech capital of the world, with data now in one place.


The home of Coca Cola, and easily accessible planning data

NSW, Australia

The most comprehensive Giraffe City pack. Published in conjunction with Spatial Services - see data from the NSW Digital Twin, The Spatial Collaboration Portal & ePlanning in one view.

SEQ, Australia

QLD Planning data is scattered all over the place. We've brought together the Brisbane region into 1 view. Brisbane City, Logan City, Moreton Bay, Redlands and more

Victoria, Australia

The cultural heart of Australia.  VicPlan and City of Melbourne have both created some great data. See them both in one place here.

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