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Giraffe is optimised for mapping, master planning and feasibility design: there is no other tool like it.
It automates the tedious work so you can engage your clients with contextualised, 3D, data rich models quicker than you thought possible.

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Add and visualize data from any source: public, private, paid, free.
Start designing immediately in a 3D interactive digital twin in the browser.
Giraffe automates the calculations.
Invite collaborators in. They see it, and get it instantly (report not required)

"Giraffe has made master plan feasibility testing a very rapid process. Being web-based it is so useful to be able to develop the plan and 3D massing as well as seeing the metrics change in real time, making on-the-go design and decision making with clients and colleagues efficient. It is also incredibly intuitive, removing the learning curve as a barrier to adoption as with so many other design tools."

Laura Clarke
Associate, COX Architecture

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