Build insight with 3D drawing

Easy to use 3D drawing tools

Drawing so easy it feels like a video game. Just select what you want to build and draw it! Refine your building with number of levels & stack multiple building types together for complex projects.

Keep it simple - or make it beautiful

Giraffe's drawing tools have been built to speed up the most detailed drafting problems. Work with setbacks, angles, offsets, extrusions and more!

Draw with data

Everything in Giraffe is data driven. See every metric and measurement you need right as you draw and watch them translate into meaningful data. FSR, Yield & Financials - data will change the way you work.

Add your own rules of thumb

Set the building cost, yield & efficiencies for any usage type (residential, commercial etc) or add your own so you can always work to your rules of thumb.

Communicate and share

Save your work into a view story board to tell the story of your design decisions.

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Start creating better cities

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Giraffe is free to use for property developers, architects and governments. To access our full set of capabilities, integrate apps and add additional seats learn more about our paid plans.