When thinking about a site, you'll want to start drawing straight away. A drawing tells you so much in so little time: what kind of things can be done with the site, how big they will be, where they go, how they'll be built. Even better, the drawing lets you tell other people what you are thinking, and then they can tell you what you're missing.

Simple, fast and fluid

Giraffe puts almost nothing between you and getting something down. Choose what you want to put on the site, then draw it position directly onto the map. In 5 clicks you will create your first sketch and get some data rich feedback.

Be precise

Speed doesn't mean you should lose precision. Giraffe automatically scales the drawing, geolocates it and gives you excact dimensions and areas. You've been making a napkin drawing, but you end up with all the areas you need to run a financial model.

Get 3D

Giraffe turns 2D drawings into 3D models. Almost no training required.

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