Whether a design becomes reality depends on a financial model. The financial model depends on input areas and assumptions. Giraffe handles both. Areas are calculated automatically by Giraffe. We also allow you to group and store your assumptions about what will be built in sets called 'usages'. We call them usages each assumption set describes a usage of space, for example: residential, commercial, bathroom, park.
Using Giraffe to manage 3D models that manage areas and usages makes it wasy to track, communicate, audit and standardize assumptions across an organization and project. This saves time, reduces risk and takes a load of your mind.


All elements in a Giraffe project have usages. Assigning them is very simple. Usage controls financial assumptions and the appearance of items.


You can edit usages and immediately see all calculations and appearance update.


Create new usages from existing ones. They are stored by project

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