Giraffe Basic

free forever.

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Connect to thousands of data layers

Giraffe basic comes with thousands of public data layers. Flood, wetlands, contours, zoning, whole foods locations, buildable heights. Save your favourite layers to a project - and start saving hundreds of research hours.

Connect to live GIS servers, import pdf/images/shp files.

Draw & Get Data

Test sites for feasibility by drawing on the map. With Basic, you get 1 project for free. As you draw you will get live feedback on areas and key metrics that you've sketched.

Test ideas and get immediate feedback on feasibility.

Tell a compelling story.

Build a digital twin without trying. Stunning, easy to draw 3D images make communicating a brease.

Improve your communication on opportunities.

Free forever.

Giraffe basic is free for ever. What's the catch? You are limited to just a single project, and some advanced features. If you love it & you want more - you can always upgrade to Creator.

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Giraffe Basic

free forever.