Meet today's emission standards

Accelerate your ability to scale while also reducing your carbon footprint by conducting site analysis in real time with your design.

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unlock every site's potential

Solve for feasibility, profitability and sustainability in an instant

Climate legislation is quickly being rolled out and reduced emissions goals are rapidly approaching. Ensure you're able to execute carbon reduction and can meet new carbon standards.

Sustainable design,
cost-efficient feasibility

Optimizations on 3D forms can demonstrate that sustainable design is commensurate with cost efficiency.

Impress clients with sophisticated triple-bottom line solutions in real-time.

The two 25 story towers to the right are modeled with the same building system. By simply changing the shape of the structure, Giraffe knows that the building on the left costs $25mm less and saves 3,000 tonnes of embodied carbon.

Show, don't tell, your carbon savings

Provide visual context to demonstrate the valuable updates you've implemented.

Show your changes on a 3D form, see a before and after, manipulate it in real time and collaboratively create iterative solutions to quickly progress pre-design plans.

Leverage leading
industry experts

Giraffe is proud to be partnered with Cove.Tool and The Footprint Company. Leaders in driving net zero carbon in property development. Providing best-in-class embodied carbon data and solutions.

Harness the power of a spreadsheet with the freedom of a sketchpad

Giraffe accelerates your ability to scale by conducting site analysis in real time with your design. Allowing you to focus on what's important: making a lasting impact on your communities.

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Draw an idea and let Giraffe do the heavy lifting validating your proof of concept.

Get the full picture

Utilize data discovery to see your site's most up-to-date local mapping data

Share your vision

Engage your stakeholders with an immersive view of the potential you see for a site

Earn faster buy-in

Collaborate and maintain version control to track updates, contain feedback and manage holistically

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Giraffe is free to use for property developers, architects and governments. To access our full set of capabilities, integrate apps and add additional seats learn more about our paid plans.