Site context at a glance

Access zoning, parcels, flood, wetlands and 3ft contours on an easy to read map. Whether it’s parcels or a PDF, connect, upload, organize and interrogate all your data simultaneously from the Giraffe platform.

Understand every site with clarity

Consolidate all the zoning map information you need for unparalleled understanding of your environment.


...and more! Upload and create your own layers or schedule a demo and let us set up your site context with all your local zoning maps.

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Quickly gain a
comprehensive understanding

Get the full picture of every site's potential at a glance. Layer context for sites to create a clear zoning map.

  • Read every city like an open book
  • Survey sites with clarity
  • Uncover viable sites in seconds

Let us set up your site context

Schedule a demo and let us create a project template for you to use with all your local zoning maps.

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