collate your data in the cloud

With Giraffe, it's easy to collate data for every project. Here are 5 things we would recommend including in every project. Watch the video to learn how to add them.

  1. Satellite imagery with the parcels clearly identified
  2. Metrics for the length of each boundary & the total site area
  3. All existing planning controls
  4. Any site survey or historical feasibility supplied by the vendor
  5. A description, written or otherwise - of the idea for the site

Giraffe has a lot of planning & public data available. You can have a quick look through what is publicly available or you can learn how to connect to a new city or private data.

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“Giraffe turned a potentially hours long sketching session and day of back and forth with architects into a 30 minute review of concepts I created using the app.”

Chase Fisher
Project Analyst, Gulf Coast Housing

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