Quantify impact. Scale data at speed.

Focus on the concept while Giraffe does the math. Access every project feature. Build connected calculations and scalable reporting for effortless analysis.

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Leverage one of Giraffe’s prebuilt templates or make your own and scale it.

Powerful development data

Visualize thousands of data points in intuitive pre-built dashboards relevant to your team’s needs. See the financials, urban take-offs, precinct breakdown and environmental analytics. All you need to do is input your assumptions, providing end-to-end data and analytics for early stage planning.

Replace: Generic static tools that silo information, cause delays, and leave room for errors.

Reports your way

Build a library of referenceable data from a single source of truth. Connect projects with custom configured analysis that’s accessible at the user, workspace, or organization level to scale at speed. Ensure updates and changes to design don’t create disconnects from reports and analyses.

Replace: Wasted time copy and pasting areas. Manually rebuilding reports and formulas.

A sleek presentable data story

Showcase a complete story with a digital twin alongside easy-to-read itemized reporting structured by categorization. Create a comprehensive proforma.

Replace: Disconnected, lackluster presentations with napkin sketches accompanied by a presentation with hundreds of cells in spreadsheets.

Iterate for improved outcomes

Create better designs with continuous performance feedback from real time analytics. Design and compare options instantly. Ensure updates and changes to design don’t create disconnects from reports and analyses.

Replace: An interrupted design process. Folders of disconnected spreadsheets emailed back and forth between stakeholders leading to missed updates and inevitable errors.

Enterprise development data solutions

Data repository

Build a historical data library of past projects, designs, and calculations

Design connectivity

Seamless, real time analysis that updates with your design changes

Custom calculations

Create simple or complex calculations via an intuitive formula wizard

Complete clarity

Make edits on the fly by hovering over the product to reference the formula 

Sleek presentation

Easy-to-read line items and categories make beautiful, presentable reporting

Enterprise management

Standardize reporting and share it across your organization or clients

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