Line-by-line accuracy. Precise feasibility.

Create and manage a dynamic project budget that looks and feels like your proforma.

Assess with accuracy

Manage your project's costs at any level of detail. Add line items to your building or usage assumptions that are calculated dynamically as you draw, or add site costs, lump sums & derivatives.

Replace: Unwieldy spreadsheets with thousands of cells and formulas amounting to endless variables and room for mistakes and costly errors.

Explore your options

Quickly execute multiple design options for a comprehensive frame of reference, and avoid cognitive bias. Establish what best meets your site’s criteria with certainty.

Replace: Costly outsourced design options that can take weeks to produce.

Make updates with ease

Simply make design changes and see it impact your proforma in real time. Utilize dynamic drawing to data technology to get updated cost details in an instant.

Replace: Necessary changes that start the design process from scratch. Disjointed steps that bottleneck from passing through multiple stakeholders. Adding weeks to your timeline.

Automate proving your business case

Utilize Usages

Define building types and associate the costs attributed to them.

Sitewide line items

Define costs based on your site’s metrics such as total building footprint or perimeter.

Custom calculations

Tailor your calculations or define new line items as derivatives of others.

Intuitive categories

Easily organize and differentiate costs for readability.

Import existing costs

Utilize your previous project site costs and Usages.

Export your data

Easily transfer all your available data to your native tools.

Start creating better cities

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