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Mount Oak develop projects all over the USA. That means they need to be experts in an area they may never have been to before - quicker & faster than any local competition. Before using Giraffe, Mount Oak had to defer to local consultants to get access to interpret planning data quickly.

Using Giraffe however, that whole workflow has been turned upside down. Mount Oak now use Giraffe to view all planning data in the areas they going to - whether its off line shape files that the city provides in .zip - or a public ESRI viewer - Mount Oak can use Giraffe to collate that data into one place for rapid analysis of constraints. This has resulted in a significant saving in consulting fees - conservatively estimated at $25K per year.

When a consultant is eventually engaged for a survey or design work - Mount Oak now share the project in Giraffe so the consult can upload their work as an image, CAD file or edit the shapes Mount Oak have drawn.

Giraffe is helping Mount Oak engage their consultants smarter - helping them run a more lean shop during uncertain times.

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“Giraffe turned a potentially hours long sketching session and day of back and forth with architects into a 30 minute review of concepts I created using the app.”

Chase Fisher
Project Analyst, Gulf Coast Housing

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