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Giraffe's REST API allows users to access the repository of data that is collected from your workspace's projects. This may include buildings, shapes, usages/types, layers This data allows users to do things such as:

  • Set up Giraffe as a data source for other tools such as Tableau.
  • Query the data on Giraffe to use for custom data analysis and visualization, or for automated reporting.
  • Create and update Giraffe projects programmatically, to synchronize business logic between Giraffe and other systems.
Browse Giraffe APIs (must be logged in to grant access)

User-level API

All of a Giraffe user's data can be accessed via API.

Giraffe has dozens of API endpoints, however most data can be retrieved in a structured way with just a few of them. Giraffe data is principally arranged under projects.

To access project data the Giraffe REST API has these endpoints:

  • A list of all projects that the user has access to.
  • An individual project’s details such as who the project is shared with.
  • An individual project’s contents including:
  • The buildings and geometry
  • Project usage data
  • App data associated with the project (where Apps have been added to the project)
  • Project views
Projects the logged in user has access to
Individual project details
Individual project contents

Connecting to the User-level API

To test the API, follow the steps below:

  • Login to Giraffe in a browser
  • Get your token
  • Ensure your token is included in your request header

Please note: Tokens will expire and need to be renewed on a regular basis.

To build with our API for a production environment, we recommend using the Workspace-level API.

Get your token
Check your request header
headers: {
   cookie: `giraffe_session=${}`

Workspace-level API

Customers who want to synchronize the data from their entire workspace have more options. In order to access this functionality, you must be issued with a workspace API token.

This API unlocks the ability to do things, such as:

  • Create a new project.
  • Update a project.
  • Connect your Tableau Web Data Connector
Create a project
Update a project
Tableau Web Data Connector


For more information or clarification, please contact us directly.

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