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Giraffe lets you create a virtual, 3D twin of every development before you build it in reality. The digital twin takes minutes to create, but is powerful enough to be a central source of truth to manage assumptions, communicate intent and perform calculations automatically. A huge amount of mind-numbing work simply disappears.

This directly impacts the performance of your whole business.

  • Increased speed. The Giraffe digital model gets you insight in minutes, and allows you to communicate clearly and quickly to build momentum. Every day of delay costs money and reduces IRR. A $20m property, yielding 5% loses $20k every week it is delayed.
  • Lowered risk. Cost overrun is endemic in the industry. The main reason? Design changes. The Giraffe digital model lets you anticipate and solve problems in the digital world, so they never become problems in the real world.
  • Increased quality. The Giraffe digital twin allows you and your team to see what you are building. Trade speed for quality: test more sites, iterate on more solutions, and spend more time creating something of quality.

The benefit of Giraffe is increased returns and reduced risk. But it pays for itself operationally. Calculate how much Giraffe can save you here.

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