Software Development Kit (SDK)

Build apps, widgets and workflows for your organization, local context or for the world to use.


Customizing Giraffe with apps, widgets & workflows makes designing and developing cities more fun, fast and collaborative. Even though Giraffe comes with an array of apps to choose from, they only scratch the surface of what’s possible, and most importantly, what’s most useful for your organization.

To empower the next generation of apps, we've opened up our JavaScript SDK. Allowing web developers to easily connect their own web app to the Giraffe platform. They can leverage Giraffe authentication, hosting, geometries, layers and more to get from prototype to production faster.

SDK reference

Giraffe data and functions are available via API from a number of contexts. They can be accessed by:

  • Importing the context from

  • Accessing the API from the context using React's useContext hook

Importing context from @giraffe/gimap
import { fastUIState } from
React's useContext hook
const { stackedSections } =


The "post-processed" geometries drawn on the map. Processing includes stacking, offsetting etc.
Ref containing the Mapbox map instance.
Set of section ids the user has selected.
GeoJSON Feature of current project.

Simple use case example

In Giraffe, apps can do anything JavaScript can do, but their "home" is the right hand side of the screen. As a straight forward, simple example this live counts how many points you've drawn.

All you have to write is a React component that looks like this:

Get your token
import React, { useContext } from

import { fastUIState } from

function App() {
 const { stackedSections } =

const pointCount =
=> f.geometry.type === "Point").length;

return (
    <div className="w-96 p-6">
          <p> My First App </p>
          <p> I've drawn {pointCount} points.</p>

export default App;

Advanced use case example

As a more advanced use case, that still uses less than 150 lines of code, is a travel time catchment calculator (aka isochrone). Most of this code is copied verbatim from this Mapbox example.

Get started

Start developing by downloading the latest SDK. This includes examples and the required Giraffe libraries. Please read the included README file.

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