Giraffe automates boring stuff
so you can be faster, more creative & take on less risk.

Visualise your idea for a site in minutes.

Draw in 3D and get live data while you experiment. Finding the concept that delivers your desired financials & yield can be tricky. Let Giraffe do the numbers for you (e.g. # of dwellings or total floor area) so you can focus on the idea. It's the 'back-of-the-napkin' on steroids!

Find road blocks instantly.

Visualise local planning controls, input KPIs & get live shadows. Understanding constraints is critical for a projects success. Find which roadblocks are going to kill your project and which can be negotiated. Iterate on your concept & see your data update live.

Save hours of manual data crunching.

Cloud based so you can maintain a single source of truth. Every time a change comes through from your consulting team or stakeholders everything needs to be updated. Don't risk data leakage or waste time unnecessarily - use Giraffe as a central source of truth.

Go from feasible to predictable with apps.
Bring stakeholders together over data rich, 3D city models.

Create a single source of truth for the city.

Combine datasets from multiple agencies with fine grained permissions and attribution. Create or upload 3D assets in minutes.

Collaborate on a masterplan.

Reduce project costs and timelines by having consultants work together on a cloud based masterplan. Understand GFA, FSR, green space and other key metrics before you go through the pain of procurement.

Go deeper faster.

Whether its a shadow study, solar access, wind analysis or engaging the community; perform deep analysis at the precinct level at the click of a button.

Engage the community with apps.
Gather data, analyse sites, create designs and communicate with your client faster and easier than ever.

Engage your clients on a whole new level.

Real time data driven design. Use Giraffe on any device in any setting. Quick enough to keep up with a conversation. Rich enough to provide useful data.

Beautiful urban graphics.

All the drawing tools you expect line types, colour, hatches but everything is built for urban design. Instant road networks, trees & rounded corners are just the start.

Work more efficiently, waste less data.

Integrate city planning controls, custom GIS data & even entire precincts. Work on a single source of truth for one project or many. Share & collaborate with anyone in seconds.

Extend your project with apps.