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If you are studying or teaching a course in City building, we'd love to give you Giraffe.

Join a global community of city makers

Leverage the Giraffe platform to accelerate your understanding of a complex industry & be part of the new wave of professionals transforming the way Cities are planned, designed and built.

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Navigate complexity

You’re trying to stay one step ahead. Conducting research and analysis in city planning portals, market research data, and tracking competitor developments.

Maintain focus with single source of truth. Simplify research and analysis visualizing data from one place.

Responsive environment

You're juggling sites, opportunities, and deals. You need to test feasibility on multiple ideas to find out what works best and unlocks capital deployment.

Connectivity across design, data, and collaboration makes testing sites and finding feasibility a breeze.

Accessible data

You’re confident in your site proposal, but need to tell a clear story to stakeholders. You need to prove your idea, present clear analysis, and adapt to feedback.

Designs are presented alongside an easy-to-read pro forma. Real time updates quickly drive progress.

Get Digital Ready

Workplace of the future

City building is changing rapidly. Digital, connected, cloud first tools are revolutionising how projects are planned and approved.

  • Cloud platforms unlock an agile approach to projects
  • Get a headstart on your peers by learning the tools of the future
  • Create a compelling portfolio with public projects
  • Enhance your CV with cloud first skills
Project 360

Understand what is important

City Building involves many stakeholders. Learn what makes them all tick with Giraffe's project 360 view

  • See beyond a single site plan
  • See impacts to a financial pro-forma, economic development modelling, embodied carbon & more
  • Generate and customize lots based on your specifications.
  • Design sites, account for infrastructure, and see feasibility data in real-time.
Work Smarter

Everything at your fingertips

Everything at your fingertips

  • Save hours on research and data consolidation
  • Consider more options, more deeply with an integrated workflow
  • Collaborate with a team in a single source of truth
  • Run multiple analysis & see them dynamically update
Show Value with Context

Communicate with clarity

Convey your proposal, show your vision and demonstrate return with ease.

  • Tell a clear story and reach comprehension with 3D visual context.
  • Show surrounding context to detail nuance and trends.
  • Connected design, functionality and feasibility shows your proforma and allows you to make updates on the fly.
  • Move from approved designs to interactive presentations ready for the public.

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GIS mapping. Scalable data libraries


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Giraffe is free to use for property developers, architects and governments. To access our full set of capabilities, integrate apps and add additional seats learn more about our paid plans.
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