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Single Family Rental

With home ownership steadily in decline, affordable housing options are in high demand.

Learn how to capitalize on the rising demand
for build-to-rent housing

Single family rental is on the rise

Touted as one of the most risk-averse investment sectors, Hunter Housing Economics predicts that the number of single family rentals built annually will double by 2024.

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Nimble site scouting and evaluation

Don’t waste a second on unnecessary delays or inconveniences.

  • Easily view parcel, tax, and zoning data.
  • Search any data set to reveal sites, and areas that meet your criteria.
  • Maintain contact details attached to sites for easy reference.
  • Move parcels from site search directly into a project ready for site design.

Understand options and opportunities earlier

Quickly create designs that are backed by trusted data.

  • Reuse your tried and true feasibility specifications and apply them to new feasos for a fast, accurate analysis.
  • Draw a new layout or copy existing layouts from nearby subdivisions.
  • Generate and customize lots based on your specifications.
  • Design sites, account for infrastructure, and see feasibility data in real-time.

Leverage the data you trust

Narrow your focus and leave the tedious work to us.

  • Save tailored specifications for all your infrastructure types as Usages.
  • Build a powerful data library of designs, data, and proformas your organization can reference, utilize, or manipulate.
  • Workspaces, teams, and individual projects allow for a range of accessibility and private spaces.
  • Easy collaboration internally or externally on a single source of truth with varied permissions.

Communicate with clarity

Convey your proposal, show your vision, and demonstrate return with ease.

  • Tell a clear story and reach comprehension with 3D visual context.
  • Show surrounding context that details nuance and trends.
  • Connected design, functionality and feasibility shows your proforma and allows you to make updates on the fly.
  • Move from approved designs to interactive presentations ready for the public.
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