You should tell your feaso software what to test, not the other way around.

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Chase Fisher headshot photo

“Giraffe turned a potentially hours long sketching session and day of back and forth with architects into a 30 minute review of concepts I created using the app.”

Chase Fisher
Project Analyst, Gulf Coast Housing

Liam Walsh headshot photo

“Giraffe has been fantastic for our emerging consultancy. We have been able to rapidly reduce the time and improve the quality of our built form mapping including indicative 3D building footprints, hosted spatial layers on a web browser and utilise a vast array of flexible features”

Liam Walsh
Director, Sustainable East

"Giraffe has made master plan feasibility testing a very rapid process. Being web-based it is so useful to be able to develop the plan and 3D massing as well as seeing the metrics change in real time, making on-the-go design and decision making with clients and colleagues efficient. It is also incredibly intuitive, removing the learning curve as a barrier to adoption as with so many other design tools."

Laura Clarke
Associate, COX Architecture

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