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Powered by Regrid, the industry-leading property data and location intelligence company. Easily view parcel, tax, and zoning data. Search any data set to reveal sites, and areas that meet your criteria.

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Ownership and zoning details at a glance

Instantly understand important parcel and zoning data on the map to easily scout sites you’re interested in. Simply click a site to see its metadata including ownership, parcel area, and more.

Replace: Juggling multiple systems to piece together an understanding of zoning, ownership, tax value, last sale date, etc.

Find parcels that fit your criteria

Use intuitive multi-criteria filters to narrow and qualify potential sites that suit your needs. See qualified sites in context on the map. Search by parcel size, owner, zoning, and more to find the exact opportunities you’re looking for.

Replace: Complicated GIS tools. Searching through county records. Poring through unfiltered opportunities that don’t meet your needs.

Track and manage your pipeline

Manage all your sites with Giraffe’s easy-to-use Kanban project management system combined with your own internal processes.

Replace: Siloed, disconnected pipeline processes with static data.

Build a database of intelligence

Maintain momentum and move quickly when you find a qualified site. Seamlessly take a parcel straight into a project with a single click, where you can immediately draw and get data. Quickly scout sites and then create options.

Replace: Lost opportunities due to cluttered spreadsheets, outdated documents and over encumbered with database tools.

Enterprise development data solutions

Parcel and tax data

Every parcel’s tax data from across the USA, provided by Regrid

Search and filter parcels

Identify parcels that meet your investment or planning criteria

Save your results

Save searches & pick up right where you left off

Seamless pipeline

Easily convert parcels into projects to maintain momentum

Manage with ease

Keep track of a projects progress with intuitive tracking

Build a database

Standardize reporting and share it across your organization or clients

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