3D Modelling

Map, Pencil, Calculator

  • Quick and Precise. Follow your instincts. Draw a massing in position in seconds.
  • Smart and connected. Easily manage your assumptions and define custom metrics.
  • Instant Analysis. As you sketch, Giraffe shows you up-to-date yields to assess your design.
  • Collaborate Seamlessly. Work together in real time.  See your team’s updates instantly.
  • Supercharged workflows. Generative drawing tools automate tedious tasks.
2D to 3D magic

Draw 2D polygons, and Giraffe creates 3D masses using the number of floors and floor-to-floor height as the drivers. It is simple and effective.

Generative design

Automatically turn simple shapes into more complex geometry with built-in algorithms. Create road networks, car parking, apartment floor plans, structural grids, and more - with just a few clicks!

Real-Time co-authoring

Work in tandem with your remote team as if you were drawing on the same sheet of paper. No more asking someone to “move that building to the right.” Now you can jump in and co-author any design.


Data driven decisions

  • Contextualize success. Host, style, and share map data easily. Add filters and tools to bring your data alive.
  • A world of knowledge. Connect to any geodatabase, internal or external, effortlessly. Giraffe handles the authentication.
  • Nimble Calculations. Define and share quantitative analytics with a low-code, spreadsheet-like syntax.
  • Extensible capability. Use the SDK to build beautiful custom apps, in hours.
Geospatial Data Library

Bring together all your geospatial data into a single pane of glass. Giraffe has connections to thousands of free GIS layers, and you can add your own.

Advanced GIS functions

Set your CRS, see the metadata of every geometry, connect to Mapservers, Featureservers and more. Intelligent search capabilities allow you to filter through all the vector data in your library.

Data Interoperability

Import and export data simply. Giraffe uses an open data format, GeoJSON, allowing maximum flexibility between platforms either via export or programmatically via API.

React SDK

The SDK exposes the Giraffe data model to you using React context. Create a component, and you're off! Build apps, widgets, and workflows for your organization, local context, or for the world to use.


Giraffe is built API first, and with our client SDK you can leverage our own APIs. We have the usual endpoints for projects, layers and geometry. There are also endpoints that export different GIS and 3D formats


Captivate your audience

  • Simple, engaging, and attractive. Clearly communicate projects from all angles.
  • Engagement Assets. Illustrate, annotate and share with a few clicks.
  • Tell your story. Give your stakeholders an immersive view of the potential you see for a site.
  • Include everyone. Increase community engagement with viewer-level access that includes context and images.
Advanced graphic options

Giraffe gives you high level of control over how your maps appear: stroke widths, dashes, fill opacity - all the graphical options you would expect.

Presentation Ready

Customize and save project vistas to step through your project. Adjust the visibility of data, geometry, and calculations to bring focus. Use Giraffe as your slide deck.

Pricing flexibility

Sharing a project with a particular time frame, with the public, or maybe a closed user group? We're flexible in how you use Giraffe to engage your stakeholders. Talk to us to learn more!


Portfolio scale

  • Structure corporate knowledge. Complement your existing knowledge base with Giraffe's simple spatial knowledge base. Track projects or opportunities on a map or a kanban board.
  • Unlock potential. Every design, assumption, data layer, and calculation is usable in any other project for anyone with permission.
  • Democratize Knowledge. Designers, cost planners, and portfolio managers - everyone sees the data they need in the way they want.
  • Safe and structured. Workspaces, teams, templates, and permissions are carefully designed, making data management simple and secure.
Webhooks + integrations

Giraffe easily integrates with databases you already use. Salesforce? Your own internal systems? Giraffe can create synched connections to other platforms with webhooks.


Create teams to define and manage user permissions. Group users by role, office, or project to manage your organization clearly.

Enterprise pricing

To perfectly customize Giraffe to your needs, our enterprise licenses unlock power and scale for teams to solve complex problems and offer additional support.

Dusti Wofford

Head of TCC Digital & Technology
“We chose Giraffe due to the partnership they offered TCC to help automate what was previously a manual and time-consuming process for our development teams. We were able to easily integrate the Giraffe technology into our current deal flow systems, which saved valuable time for all of our teams and resulted in more efficient outcomes for our business and elevated some of our processes from an IT perspective.”

Start creating better cities

Giraffe is free to use for property developers, architects and governments. To access our full set of capabilities, integrate apps and add additional seats learn more about our paid plans.
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