Stylized 3D images of Giraffe with its calculations shown.

Understand sites, developments and cities

As you design and create, Giraffe works along side you calculating areas and ratios, laying out car parking, analyzing solar and managing data.

Free yourself from boring.

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“Giraffe turned a potentially hours long sketching session and day of back and forth with architects into a 30 minute review of concepts I created using the app.”

Chase Fisher
Project Analyst, Gulf Coast Housing

What does Giraffe actually do? Why would you use it?

Gif of Giraffe's real time drawing and calculation capability


It all starts with a sketch.

Simple, accurate and powerful plans.

Draw right on a map of the whole world.

Build a narrative.

Show, don't tell.


You think about design and strategy, Giraffe handles the data.

It lays out parking and parcels.

It turns 2D drawings into 3D models.

Automatically, so you don't have to.

Gif of a parking lot being designed and calculated
Gif of real time design and solar hours being shown as a heat map


Total solar hours

Key ratios

See, don't guess.

Accelerate your process

Everything is measured for you.

Calculate yield.

Estimate build costs.

Align with planning metrics.

Sync with your pro-forma.

Image of potential usages from Giraffe
Image of collaboration between Development Manager and Architect

Get buy-in quicker

Deliver on feedback live in stakeholder meetings.

Directly engage with consultants.

Work from a single source of truth.

No one understands what you're talking about until you show them.

Build corporate knowledge

Create and share your firms product assumptions.

Build a portfolio of work.

Retain a full history of all projects.

Showing product assumptions with 3D model
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“Giraffe has been fantastic for our emerging consultancy. We have been able to rapidly reduce the time and improve the quality of our built form mapping including indicative 3D building footprints, hosted spatial layers on a web browser and utilise a vast array of flexible features”

Liam Walsh
Director, Sustainable East

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