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Giraffe is the 3D platform built for property feasibility, design and communication.
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Tools to make your work easier and faster.
Develop with confidence.

Save hours of manual data crunching, visualize potential in minutes.

Due diligence is tough and time consuming. We automate the number crunching (e.g. total built area) so you can experiment and iterate rapidly.

Communicate better with your team, investors, and customers.

Giraffe gives you tools to have better conversations. Less back and forth, less time spent preparing reports and more time solving actual problems.

Connect to external data layers, excel pro formas or any other digital asset.

Connect Giraffe to the rest of your business infrastructure. Don't fix what isn't broken: Giraffe augments your workflows, it doesn't need to replace them.

Bring stakeholders together over data rich, 3D city models.

Create a single source of truth for the city.

Combine datasets from multiple agencies with fine grained permissions and attribution.

Collaborate better: reduce project costs and timelines by using consultants more efficiently.

Understand GFA, FSR, green space before you go through the pain of procurement.

Tell a story.

Giraffe lets you share data with the right people at the right time.

Engage your clients on a whole new level: real time, data driven design

Use Giraffe on any device in any setting. Quick enough to keep up with a conversation. Rich enough to provide useful data.

Beautiful graphics to tell a story and build a 3D portfolio

All the tools you expect - line types, colour - but everything is data driven.

Work more efficiently, waste less data

All data is stored in the cloud. Share projects with anyone in seconds.

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