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Accelerate your ability to scale by conducting site analysis in real time with architectural design. Allowing you to focus on what's important: making a lasting impact on your communities.

Giraffe platform showcasing 3d architecture maps, edit panel, engagement screens and feasibility data.

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Screen of Giraffe's Places product, showcasing a city development plan.

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Seamlessly create immersive geospatial experiences to beautifully represent your vision and best tell your story.

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Harness the power of a spreadsheet with the freedom of a sketchpad

Giraffe platform 10 second demonstration video
3d architecture mockup with viability and feasibility data

Approve sites faster

Quickly get a 360-degree view of your idea. Follow your instincts, draw an idea and let Giraffe do the heavy lifting: reading data, querying your design and automatically calculating your proof of concept.

Replace: Time consuming manual work measuring areas, managing assumptions and calculating ratios.

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Get the full picture

Utilize data discovery to see your site's most up-to-date local GIS data. Giraffe combines maps, shapefiles or vector PDFs from any source and treats them like layers. Allowing you to analyze, sort and group them for ease of use.

Replace: Getting frustrated tracking down data from disparate sources. Managing hundreds of tabs to understand a site.

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Giraffe can map data layers from GIS, vectors. images, site plans
3d architecture map with engagement features and storytelling capability

Share your vision

Engage your stakeholders with an immersive view of the potential you see for a site. Provide viewer level access to the plan for increased community engagement that includes context and images.

Replace: Boring lackluster presentations, a lack of understanding and lost momentum.

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Earn faster buy-in

With Giraffe, create something you're confident in and share it when you're ready. Interrogate plans rapidly from a shared space. Maintain version control to track updates, contain feedback and manage all the moving parts.

Replace: Static workspaces that require duplicative work after feedback. Getting bogged down managing multiple iterations.

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Work from a shared space and collaborate with other stakeholders

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Giraffe has been fantastic for our emerging consultancy. We have been able to rapidly reduce the time and improve the quality of our built form mapping including indicative 3D building footprints, hosted spatial layers on a web browser and utilize a vast array of flexible features.

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Liam Walsh

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Giraffe turned what would have been an hours long sketching session and day of back and forth with architects into a 30 minute review of concepts I created using the app.

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Chase Fisher


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Built to help developers, architects and governments streamline bulky antiquated processes and allow them to focus on creating vibrant cities.

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