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Unlimited data layers

Brilliant design tools

Urban analytics

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Unlimited projects

Share layers, projects & usages across your organisation

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Design Tools


Intuitive vector drafting tools
Layer control
Automatic road tool
Plans convert to 3D
Export to Rhino and other packages
Configure graphic standards for your organisation
Build custom urban typologies for your organisation

Design Data

Instant access to 1000s of public GIS layers
Connect to data subscriptions
Urban analytics: population, green space and hardscape ratios
Automate key area calculations: FSR and dwelling count
Preliminary financial models
Access plugins from Giraffe app store
Organisation wide GIS layers
Host private data sets, or provide private data to clients via Giraffe

Collaboration + Management

Geolocate and store projects on one map
Live chat within project environment
GIS layers organized by project
Share projects with individuals or organizations that also have a Giraffe licence
View, Edit and Admin roles
Audit usage, data and projects
Manage organization Grasshopper scripts through Giraffe

Computational Design

Connect scripts to Giraffe and share or sell
Parametrize and run scripts from within Giraffe
Visualize script output as geometry or report
Use CSS to style graphics within Giraffe
Edit data structures directly with JSON editor
API access to all projects and apps
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