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Frequently asked questions

If your question isn’t answered here, or if you need additional information on our Enterprise plan, please contact us.

Is Giraffe actually free to use?

Yes! Giraffe's free license tier allows you to create and share 1 project. To perfectly customize Giraffe to your needs, our paid licenses unlock power and scale for teams to solve complex problems and offer additional support.

Can I upgrade my workspace?

Absolutely. If you have a free account, when you sign up for giraffe just enter your workspace details and we'll upgrade it so you don't lose any work.

How does Giraffe's licensing work?

Giraffe is a named user licensing model. That means every user needs to be assigned a license to a valid email address. This is primarily a factor of security and the sensitive nature of projects. If you would like to have multiple users sharing an account please contact your account team to discuss tiered pricing for multiple users.

Is there Enterprise pricing available?

Yes! Please contact your account team directly to get customized enterprise pricing.

Is there a discount for currently enrolled students or teachers?

Yes! Please contact us directly for more information about our education discount and pricing.


“We were in need of a tool set that gave our team an edge when exploring new development opportunities, especially since we would often review dozens of sites at a time to find the best option. By implementing Giraffe, our team was able to move at a faster speed when analyzing opportunities – our ability to assess a site went from weeks to hours with virtually no consultant involvement. Having this time back is incredibly valuable to our team and our business.”
Andrew Wallace
Senior Development Manager, Trammell Crow Company
“Giraffe has been fantastic for our emerging consultancy. We have been able to rapidly reduce the time and improve the quality of our built form mapping including indicative 3D building footprints, hosted spatial layers on a web browser and utilize a vast array of flexible features.”
Liam Walsh
Director, Sustainability East
"We’re cutting down from weeks or months to a day or days in terms of that analysis – to find the site and take a site design and layout"
James Strutt
Director of Property Strategy & Analytics