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Scale your project and portfolio decisions with a secure, flexible environment that brings your organization together.

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Solutions people love

Encourage creativity and ideas with intuitive city building tools that garner fast adoption

Scale with consistency

Curate assumptions, context data & workflows that are proprietary to your organization

Unlock potential

Open extensible architecture that allows you to find opportunities in your data

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Giraffe has also helped us show our investors visual representation of development projects to give them a better understanding earlier in the process, which has proven to be valuable countless times.  

Jack Ross, VP of Development

For our feasibility and massing studies, it is invaluable for us to show several design iterations that each achieve the desired output, which Giraffe allows us to produce dynamically without the time investment a traditional approach would involve.

Adam Corak, Senior Product Lead

Accelerate success, together

With Giraffe’s API first platform, our services team & implementation partners can personalize your workspace. Speed up adoption, see results faster, and lay the groundwork to stay agile and competitive.

A team to grow with you

Our enterprise customers are equipped with an ongoing success program, professional services and implementation partners as required.

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  • Leading with a partnership mentality. As your organization digitally transforms, so will your priorities. Your account team partners with you to understand your evolving business needs and develop a custom plan to help you achieve them.
  • A platform that evolves with you. Giraffe is built to support the ever-evolving ecosystem of new technology. Our network of trusted partners and consultants can help you to determine what problems are worth solving or help you develop a bespoke workflow.
  • Frictionless change management. Our customer support team works closely with you to develop enablement, adoption and training plans to fit your workplace and de-risk your investment.

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Security and administration

Best-in-class security practices

Giraffe takes security seriously and how important it is to protect your data. Whether you are planning a new transit corridor, or reviewing a development opportunity - we understand that your privacy is paramount.

We’ve implemented first class security standards to ensure your data is secure and privacy is never compromised.

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  • SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
  • Unlimited workspaces federated to a single company account
  • Data stays with your company, even when users leave
  • Dedicated enterprise administration features
  • Object-level security for fine grained permissions

Premium Services

Management & analytics

Key features for sophisticated workflows and wall-to-wall collaboration


Increased record limits, attachment space and extended revision history to support even the largest teams

Tailored support

Our global team ensures best-in class 24-hour support, so you get assistance quickly

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