About Giraffe

Giraffe was started by a building designer, an urban planner, an engineer and a data scientist.

We worked for a long time in city making practice and we knew the tools design firms have at their disposal are not purpose built for city making.

Cities are our mission and we had a clear vision on how digital technology could be deployed to enrich and simplify the difficult, but wonderful, process of designing cities.

Giraffe is the result

Technology matters. Guido d'Abruzzo reduced the time taken to train a singer from 10 years to one when he invented the technology of musical notation.

Giraffe is a technology company that is passionate about enabling urban designers do better work.

We have built a business that supports that mission: our pricing is reasonable and transparent, we have chat in the app so you can always ask us questions, or make suggestions and we are available for consulting if you have a difficult problem.

Rob Asher
Lucy Booth
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John Asher


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There are experienced architects and planners on the Giraffe team.
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