Senior front end developer

Giraffe is a small, profitable software company.
We build software that empowers decision makers to make better cities.
We have users who are developers, governments and architects around the world.

What we're looking for

We are looking for a senior front end dev with design and UX chops.
You have built complex, well-crafted, good looking web apps, with care and love.
You work much faster than anyone around you.
You could definitely be pulling down a massive salary in a senior role in big tech.
We're built with React, Python, Postgres, GIS, Mapbox, three.js, svg - you'll be familiar with most of these.
Of course you are an excellent communicator, across the detail, respectful and function well under pressure.

Why Giraffe?

Giraffe is a small team of owners. You will be one too, and your equity will reflect this. Our business is growing fast, but our team is focussed and will grow deliberately.
We are fully remote, and we work with a high degree of independence and individual ownership. This is the key to our productivity.
You will have the opportunity to directly affect how our product develops.
You will work as part of a flat team with very little hierarchy, but the expectation of excellence.


Your compensation will be highly competitive, and tilted toward equity.

Rob Asher
Lucy Booth
Mike Asher
John Asher


Create better cities
There are experienced architects and planners on the Giraffe team.
Join the community & get expert advice on your next project.
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