Giraffe is built for human designers.

You became a designer because you love design, not data wrangling and chasing figures.
We built Giraffe to help designers make great decisions about cities.
Giraffe doesn't automate design, it automates the boring stuff around design.

A designers job isn't just design.

It's about relationships with clients: understanding their problems, answering their questions, giving them insight.
Giraffe works at the speed of conversation. Draw, edit, calculate effortlessly.
Engage your clients, remove confusion.

Does your tech make your work easier, or harder?

To do your job you have to wrangle so much technology: a mess of spreadsheets, CAD, 3D models, email attachments, and GIS layers. (Not to mention the phone calls, hand sketches and text messages.) It is easy to make mistakes, and get overwhelmed.
Giraffe automates simple, boring tasks (like area calculations) without forcing you to become a software expert.

Focus on what matters

The future of design belongs to designers who focus their creativity on difficult problems. They deploy technology that removes complexity from their job.
Giraffe manages data mess.
It doesn't design for you: it creates space for you to design.

Start creating better cities

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Giraffe is free to use for property developers, architects and governments. To access our full set of capabilities, integrate apps and add additional seats learn more about our paid plans.