Being a developer is about seeing what others can’t

And then translating that into reality.
It’s a unique combination of skills; analytical depth, creativity, & negotiation. It's also hundreds of hours of analysis & research to find the one pearl. Navigating city planning portals, market research data, title data and the rumour mill. Giraffe brings all your data into one place, saving you hours of data wrangling.

Even great site raise endless questions

What is the idea for this site? How can we put a deal together? What products will work? You can't get too attached: you're testing many sites, the deal may fall over any minute. You've got to come up with great ideas fast.
See your feasibility live as you draw an idea in Giraffe. See the numbers as your vision comes to life in 3D.

Convincing yourself is the easy part.

You're comfortable with the site. Now the work begins: the city, local residents, investors. Every question they have, you need to have answers: areas, ratios, numbers. As the deal evolves this can be a data wrangling nightmare & expose you to risk.
Giraffe works at the speed of conversation by automating simple, boring tasks (like yield & IRR). Adapt at speed without becoming a software expert.

Build something great

The future of development is turning your creativity, analytical brain & negotiation skills up to 11 and turning off the data drudgery. Developers who can amplify their skills with digital superpowers will maximise yields & move with unprecedented speed. Giraffe manages data mess. It doesn't develop for you: it creates space for you to create, analyse & negotiate.

Create better cities
There are experienced architects and planners on the Giraffe team.
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