Founded in 1971 as a partnership between architects Gerry Nettleton and Mike Tribe, Nettletontribe has expanded into a multi-disciplined international practice. With multiple studios around the country and an extensive portfolio we are renowned for our iconic design and an unwavering commitment to shaping the urban environment.

As a early adopters of Giraffe, Nettletontribe found early champions in Mitchell Axisa & Bradley Shales.

The ease of creating building forms and getting real-time custom analytics on scenarios quickly led Giraffe to become the go-to tool for feasibility studies.

Being cloud-based, Giraffe allows Nettletontribe designers to collaborate both internally on projects, but also to expose projects to clients right in their browser.

You can get in touch with Nettletontribe for a feasibility study with Giraffe by reaching out directly to Mitchell or Brad.

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Giraffe is free to use for property developers, architects and governments. To access our full set of capabilities, integrate apps and add additional seats learn more about our paid plans.