Explore scenarios that benefit your city

You are planning to make your city better: unravelling problems, attracting investment and finding opportunities with citizens and businesses. You are building plans and strategies that unlock growth and create a beautiful, sustainable and efficient city. A city that gives life to everyone who lives it in it.
Giraffe is an analytic tool that helps you navigate complexity quickly.

Cities are for people

You are not just wrestling built form and GIS data. There are stakeholders, politics, and trends: you're having conversations, understanding problems, answering questions, providing insight.
Giraffe works at the speed of conversation. Draw, edit, calculate effortlessly.
Engage simply, remove confusion.

Build a digital utility for your city

Citizens, developers, planners depend on you to share data and policy simply and clearly so they can make decisions.  
Giraffe lets you design, publish data sets and collaborate quickly, without fuss or complexity.

In short


Rapidly create precinct plans. 3D Envelope studies, feasibilities, environmental analysis, and urban analytics are easy.


Import schemes in all formats. See and analyze them in context.


Share your plans with the community with a single click. Allow them to interact with a 3D digital twin of the future city and comment on it.

Start creating better cities

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Giraffe is free to use for property developers, architects and governments. To access our full set of capabilities, integrate apps and add additional seats learn more about our paid plans.