Explore Nationwide Land, Property & Location Data

The Regrid data set combines the best parcel data in the United States with the best spatial platform for City Making. Explore and interact with land data right in the context of your portfolio or projects.

Regrid Parcel Boundaries & More Land Insight

Regrid provides the most reliable and up-to-date parcel data available nationwide. Regrid parcel data includes basic boundaries, but with our premium parcel data schema, you can gain more land information, including:

Nationwide Parcel Boundaries: Ensure you're working with the most accurate picture of land ownership across the nation.

Standardized Zoning: Gain a clear understanding of land use regulations for informed decision-making.

Enhanced Ownership: Identify property owners and streamline communication.

Matched Building Footprints: Visualize buildings alongside property lines for a complete picture.

Matched Secondary Addresses: Discover the secondary addresses matched to the primary situs address, validated & verified to USPS standards.


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