5 Hidden Secrets You Didn't Know About Giraffe

September 22, 2022

The Giraffe platform allows you to dive deep into project feasibility and geolocated massing analysis. Our most popular features by far are layers, drawing, and urban metrics. But, there is so much more! Check out these five functions that will improve your workflows.

Pop-Up Markers

Add details to project features using Map Markers. With Pop-Ups enabled, Map markers become an interactive communication device. Add images, rich-formatted text, and links. This is great for public projects!

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Design Library

Take advantage of past wins with the Design Library. Filter, search, and navigate through past projects' 3D data, then place it into your current project. Choose whether to include the previous assumptions or apply new ones.

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Set it and forget it! Like the design library, templates are a way to use repeated project information over and over. Starting with a template imports the layers, map style, apps, usages, and analytics to your new project so you start with all the contextual information and calculations you need.

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Manage your pipeline using a staple of agile methodology: the Kanban! Quickly adjust project status, ownership, or dates by dragging cards into columns.

Kanban is a visual method for managing project pipelines. It is Pronounced “kahn-bahn,” and the term translates from its original Japanese to “visual signal” or “card.”

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Giraffe offers a mature software developer's toolkit. Extend and customize your workspace by implementing apps for your business, powered by Giraffe's geolocation, data, and calculation toolsets.

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