Nadine Fournier - Landerz

Transcribed from the Giraffe Creator Summit - January 17th, 2023

Nadine Fournier: So, yeah, a very different industry as part of the the large real estate community community. We are a startup specializing in land transaction, so our brokerage activities are aiming to help seller and buyer of land properties to meet on the marketplace.

And as such we need to understand very well in details the full potential of each plot of land that we are putting on the market.

So at first we were doing our own analysis, and while building the company, and realized that, having the ability to design options and to understand visually the potential of each but of land was something that wasn't missing. That was something that would be helpful in communicating with our clients. And so we've been looking for a design tool online.

That's how it all started. We were looking at what we're the market solutions to help us be even more better brokers literally, and that's how we met with the giraffe team, we were pretty amazed by the functionalities of the tool and the ease of use. It's very intuitive. Our analysts have been able to use it from day one.

It's simple, but yet very powerful. And so, as we had to make our decision, it was clear for us that Giraffe was the tool that was the best for us.

What makes it even better in our case is the ability to import information. So whether it's shape files or data layers, we can really customize our analysis. So what you're seeing here on the screen is a potential development project for a property that is a listing of ours that the analyst has analyzed. So we started by importing the exact catastrophe, the shape of the land with the cadastral map, so that we knew exactly the square footage of the land, and then we generated some options of potential development to share with potential buyers. And so here we're always talking in terms of potential. This is not an actual project to something that could be built in order for us to understand the square footage of the maximum square footage for for this property, given restrictions in zoning, but also in the surrounding environment.

And so we like the flexibility, we like that it's shareable even internally, as a team, but also externally with our potential buyers and clients. And we also like the fact that we can import data layers. So we're seeing here. We've imported something that's very important to us. The Wetlands to understand what's their area of the property that's actually buildable. And so it's something that in the landscape of data that's available for professionals here in Quebec. This is some data that's public, and that we manage to integrate in our analysis. So we like that the functionality is already built into the tool, and it's easy for us to use. Really looking forward to questions for the specific use case in brokerage activities.

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