aiming for simplicity

Simplicity is more valuable than complexity. Most software is complex, and creates complex outputs. It's sad.

In AEC generative design makes it trivial to get complex 3D models instantly. Templates give you detailed financial models in minutes.

But what have you gained? A complex model in a complex interface that you spend hours simplifying into a presentation.

Why? Because complexity kills communication.

No scheme is going to survive its first encounter with the council, the client, the investment committee or the public.

These stakeholders have too much in their heads that matters.

If you swamp them with detail they wont understand you.

They'll focus on trivial details. And you'll find out weeks later when you're delayed by something you thought you had explained.

There is a feeling of calm when you are in the hands of a true expert. They don't sweat the small stuff, they don't feel shame or fear in delaying answers to some questions.

They hang on to simplicity because it allows them to communicate clearly, and move quickly.

Every month we try and take bits out of Giraffe so that it feels more like an expert tool.

Not drowning you in detail, helping you stay calm and focus on the things that matter.

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