Thinking in 6D: 3D + time + cost + Carbon

June 15, 2020

At Giraffe we talk about 5d feasibility: 3D + cost + time. Each of those factors affects each other, and no feasibility is complete until all of them have been analyzed and optimized.

The 3D shape of the project matters: how it is designed affects who will buy it, how they use it and how much it will cost. That is why Giraffe lets you draw in 3D.

There are optimisations on 3D form that can be made to massively reduce costs, without reducing saleable area.

With the Footprint Company we can now add an extra dimension to optimise: 3D + Cost + Time AND carbon.

Both of these towers are 25 levels, and use the same building systems, but the one on the left is $7m dollars cheaper (at $2500/sqm facade cost) and uses 3000 tonnes less carbon - assuming a double glazed facade.

For designers committed to the Carbon and Net Zero Challenge or ClimateCrisis, the Carbon Analyzer plug-in lets you use the 3D form you are designing to calculate the whole building carbon footprint in real-time – and show you how you compare to the “Climate Responsible” alternative.  Rapidly iterate across multiple building elements to achieve a full picture of the impact and carbon savings potential.

The optimisations on a 3D form can demonstrate that “low carbon sustainable design” is generally commensurate with cost efficiency. Impress your clients with sophisticated triple-bottom line solutions in “real-time”.

Giraffe makes it easy to optimise across multiple dimensions and create outsized benefits for your project and the planet.

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