Giraffe for Local Government

We've assembled our best tools into a local planning kit to empower planners at every urban scale.

Let's break it down.

One place for planners, designers & communicators to collaborate.

Geospatial Analysis

Strategic Planners

Make your planning data come to life with user friendly spatial tools.

  • Visualise built and environmental considerations spatially
  • Join spatial datasets to create new insights without writing a line of code
  • Manage libraries of built form and land use typologies
  • Assign land uses at scale to precincts or regions to understand impact
3D Massing

Urban Designers

Consider urban form at any scale.

  • Work within the context of the strategic plan
  • Draw built form massing and envelopes with easy to use drafting tools
  • Customise you planning assumptions and get dynamic feedback as you work on design performance
  • Automate repetitive design tasks using generative tools like parking, subdivisions and tree placement
Geospatial Analysis

Assessment Officers

Assess proposals in context.

  • Recreate proponents schemes quickly and easily to test impact and change
  • Contextualise a proposal in your strategic planning framework
  • Import proponents models directly onto the map for assessment purposes
  • Track multiple DAs and proposals using our Portfolio function
Digital Twins

Community Engagement

Publish rich digital twins straight to the web.

  • Curate a walk-through that tells a story about your city, precinct or development proposal to your stakeholders
  • One click to publish your project to a private or public audience
  • Embed the result in your website, or create a standalone link

What's in the kit?

3D Drawing tools

Draw land-uses, massings or markups

Customisable Assumptions

Quantify impact, understand performance

Geospatial Analysis

Style, Filter & Join geospatial data sets

ISO27001 Compliant

Government ready information security. View our certificates here.

Stakeholder Engagement

Publish to the web with one click

Extend with Apps

Isochrones, 3D Terrain, SkyView analysis & more

Start creating better cities

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