Human-centered design. Automatic calculation.

See your massing in context. Move from concept to creation to viability in an instant by drawing and getting data.

Draw your idea

Visualize sites in their surroundings to see it in context. Follow your instincts and draw a massing in position in seconds. Easily communicate with stakeholders on your visual proof of concept.

Replace: Hastily drawn sketches on a napkin that have to be painstakingly recreated.

Real time analysis

Understand the impact of your massing by getting updated analytics as you draw. Leverage your assumptions with key take-offs and automated calculations encompassing urban, financial, environmental or customize further by building your own.

Replace: Time consuming manual work measuring areas and calculating ratios. Getting bogged down with duplicative work to update iterations.

Fine tune assumptions

Manage assumptions by products, programs and usages. Tailor your assumptions to your specifications to precisely inform your feasibility. Use them on a single project or across your organization.

Replace: Static worksheets with all your assumptions stored on your desktop.

Showcase your brand

Maintain your brand standards on style markers and labels. Utilize your personal design library and your organization's design library for brand consistency.

Replace: Siloed design assets that are inaccessible and therefore rarely utilized.

Create with speed at scale

Human-centered design

Empowering individuals to create vibrant, livable spaces for their communities.

Keep your special sauce

Tailor your assumptions to tried and true specifications that you trust.

Speed and precision

Scale and geolocate models to get their exact dimensions and areas.

Customized to your brand

Style markers and labels and maintain personal and workspace design libraries.

Export to Excel

Export area schedules to Excel and see every level as a row.

Export to CAD

Continue in your native tools as your design evolves.

Start creating better cities

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