Tell your story. Build the future.

Focus on the concept while Giraffe does the math. Access every project feature. Build connected calculations and scalable reporting for effortless analysis.

Instant communication

Reach instant comprehension with 3D visual context on your map. Control your narrative by creating an immersive storytelling experience to showcase your project and secure its future.

Replace: Flat 2D maps that don't provide enough context and lead to confusion. Frustration from trying to awkwardly communicate your vision through multiple clunky mediums.

Seamless project journey

Leverage your existing massing and approved designs to create your presentation. Maintain a unified workspace with assigned access that follows your project's life cycle throughout the planning process.

Replace: Siloed information across teams and stakeholders. Cluttered tech stacks that create duplicative work needed to move your project forward.

Elevated civic engagement

Captivate your audience and communicate clearly with varied multimedia for optimal civic engagement. Make your storytelling interactive by connecting context with 3D viewpoints on the map. Add feedback opportunities to gauge approval.

Replace: Lackluster 2D maps that only utilize pins for reference. Low engagement levels and tepid responses.

Make sure your vision shines

3D vizualization

Visual context showcases bulk and scale with 3D modelling.

Immersive storytelling

Tie your story to visual context, panning viewpoints on the map.

Streamlined process

Eliminate duplicated work. Use your approved model to build your story.

Unified workspace

A single source of truth to unite your teams for swift contribution and transparency.

Engaging multimedia

Tell your story with geospatial context, detailed text, renderings or gifs.

Publish with one-click

Don’t suffer delays. See your project live, share the link and embed in seconds.

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