Control and accessibility. Data security in a flexible environment.

Focus on the concept while Giraffe does the math. Access every project feature. Build connected calculations and scalable reporting for effortless analysis.

Control at every level

Project owners can elect to work privately in their dedicated workspace and share when ready. Workspace administrators can set default permissions, assumptions, layers and style the workspace to your organization’s branding.

Replace: Vulnerable static files shared by email that are susceptible to irrevocable accidents.

Organization management

Create teams to define and manage user permissions. Group users by role, office or project and manage your organization with ease.

Replace: Scattered, disparate organizations that lack clarity and universal understanding. Siloed tech that doesn't extend across all your organization's users.

Seamless collaboration

Collaboration is simple across your organization with designated project and workspace permissions. Administrators can choose to extend collaboration permissions to outside organizations that use also use Giraffe.

Replace: Lengthy delays as each contributor collates their own project data. Converting Excel to PDF, then back to Excel. Replace waterfall processes with agile.

Scale with clarity and consistency

Secure workspaces

Defined access for organization workspaces and private projects for users.

Fine-grained permissions

Manage the detail to ensure the right level of access for all users.

External collaboration

Extend access to specific projects to outside stakeholders that use Giraffe.

Standardized product types

Define products for your organization while still allowing project-based adjustments.

Role-based licensing

Pay for just what your users need based on their role in the team.

Open data standards

Export your organization's data securely at any time.

Start creating better cities

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