Why We Partnered with Urbanize

Today, Giraffe is excited to announce its partnership with Urbanize

Giraffe is the platform for urban analytics. We're the single pane of glass every real estate developer needs, combining complex geospatial data, intuitive drawing tools, and real-time calculations to supercharge feasibility analysis. Now, with our partnership with Urbanize, our customers can take an even deeper dive into their cities by accessing Urbanize's rich dataset of upcoming, in progress, and completed development projects, right in Giraffe!

Improved feasibility analysis of land parcels, real estate projects, and planning initiatives

Urbanize is a media publication that track development in LA, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Seattle. Now, they're pleased to offer you a new way to visualize the future of your cities.

As part of their ongoing commitment to improve upon the Urbanize offering, you can now see all of the projects they've been tracking in full 3D - in context - alongside the rest of the city.

Urbanize partnered with Giraffe, because of the power of bringing together the Urbanize project information in full 3D, along with their development and city planning toolsets. For the first time, you will be able to find, plan & assess a site's potential - in the context of the city's future.

As our partnership grows, you will see further resources helping you better understand the future of the City, for now enjoy the world’s first community sourced future planning digital twin of LA.

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Start creating better cities

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