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When assessing a site - data is king. But so much time and energy can be lost by miscommunication. We've spoken to many architects, developers and engineers who've lost countless hours & had many sleepless nights over data translation errors.

Storing data in the cloud gives you a huge advantage & minimises error's from data translation.

At a minimum store these 5 things:

  1. Satellite imagery with the parcels clearly identified
  2. Metrics for the length of each boundary & the total site area
  3. All existing planning controls
  4. Any site survey or historical feasibility supplied by the vendor
  5. A description, written or otherwise - of the idea for the site

Some easy to implement solutions include;

  • Cloud storage & spreadsheets
    Cloud storage for files. Cloud spreadsheets for data. Try Google Drive/Sheets, OneDrive/0365, Dropbox, Box.
  • Set up a group chat A group chat thread can be invaluable for quick collaboration. Got a quick question or need to share an update - just put it in the group thread. Try slack, whatsapp or iMessage
  • Expert tip: ESRI or QGIS
    Most contextual data relating to each project is spatial. If you're a digital pro - you can use ESRI or QGIS to compile context data into a single view.

Of course, you can do all of those things in Giraffe in just a few mins and you don't need to be an expert to figure it out. See how you can store project files, context maps & chat all in Giraffe.

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