March 2022 Product Update - Giraffe Analytics, Graphics, Precinct, Site Search

Giraffe Analytics

Analytics gives users the ability to take every feature from a project design, access its numeric properties and geometry, and use them in complex equations. Unlocking the potential to evaluate the impact of a project from every angle. 

What’s new?

Analytics expands the capability set for accessing and manipulating the data within Giraffe. You have the freedom to build the reporting you need to prove projects to investors, get approvals for updating zoning, or assess detailed feasibility. 

Access each Project Features’ numeric geometry. These can come from the model, like length and area, or they can come from properties you’ve assigned to the Usage type, like cost per sqft or the number of packs of nails required per every 100 feet. 

Reference static numbers, create formulas, or connect Properties of Features to use in complex equations.

Why is this important?

Until now, real estate development has been relegated to using generic tools, like Excel. They’re powerful, but intended to work for any business. They’re also static, making information siloed, delayed, and easily lost and outdated. 

Giraffe Analytics encompasses the functionality of a spreadsheet, but narrows the focus to real estate development and dramatically deepens the capability set. Creating a powerful, intuitive tool that facilitates faster pipeline and cleaner outcomes. 

Learn how to use Giraffe Analytics here »

Site Search

Giraffe Site Search is powered by Regrid and allows you to search robust, up-to-date data sets to find opportunities that meet your criteria.

What’s new?

Early stage planning now starts with searching for sites on Giraffe. You can get site data at a glance directly from the map, like parcels and zoning. Or with one-click you can get the robust site metadata, like parcel size, ownership details, land value, and more. 

Once you’ve found qualified sites, you can select them and then have the opportunity to move a site directly into a project.

Why is this important?

Clean, current, easy-to-use data is important and site data is notoriously difficult to pull together. Every region or county uses different ways to release their data, government sites are difficult to navigate, and information easily becomes outdated. Now, you have access to Regrid, the leading provider of land parcels and location context data for your maps, apps and spatial analysis, directly on Giraffe. 

Site Search unlocks the discovery phase of early stage planning and can move freely into ideation. Create projects from sites to quickly design massings and options. All your pipeline can be housed directly in Giraffe. Ensuring your organization has a single source of truth to maintain momentum, accelerate unlocking capital deployment, and cleanly manage all projects and stakeholders. 

Learn about Site Search here »


Complex developments can quickly grow large and unwieldy, becoming difficult to keep organized. With Precinct, you can break down large precincts into scenarios that help you navigate your development and see each scenario’s key metrics. 

What’s new?

Now you can create Scenarios to assess the different ways to split up and use large parcels of land. 

Precinct creates Scenarios by utilizing layers to segment out the 2D and 3D features on the map. Ensuring you’re able to see how parcels of land can be split up alongside the Usage and typology mix options. 

Once you have Scenarios created, Precinct provides key metrics split up by lot that provide insight on how to best utilize the land. 

When you’ve created options you’re satisfied with you can share your Giraffe Project directly from the app or export to a spreadsheet. 

Why is this important?

Scenarios help you better understand your development. Allowing you to segment your site into lots or see your site by building design (like residential or commercial use spaces). 

And just like in the Giraffe platform, Scenarios can continuously be adjusted and the metrics will update in real time in the Precinct app. Ensuring that you’re able to focus on creating the best options for the site, not having to continuously stop and start again with updates or feedback.

Graphics upgrade

The visuals represented in Giraffe are now more sophisticated and robust.

What’s new?

Enhancements have been released that improve the user experience, both for visual quality and usability. Graphics display with more realistic, impactful qualities such as shadow casting, 3D object support, and 3D model floor plans that can be placed and viewed inside buildings. 

Shadows are recalculated for any map zoom level and project footprint. Low resolution shadow outlines are quickly replaced with high resolution outlines when zoomed in. And shadows are also shown when viewing your model in 2D. 

In addition to graphic improvements, projects also now render faster. Improving user experience, both in visual quality and usability. 

Why is this important?

Visuals are a more effective form of communication. Transmitting information faster than spoken or written words. They entice and provide motivation to get people invested in project success. 

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