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Automated Floorplan

Giraffe Technology
Want to go a level deeper on your yield? Run the floorplan app and see the best way to make your dwellings fit. Not happy with the result? Adjust and update the results on the fly.
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Wind Comfort

Austrian Institute of Technology
A world first wind comfort application  leveraging machine learning. In less than 2 minutes you can visualise the lawson criteria and wind levels on a building mass and surrounding buildings. Be confident in your concept and leverage wind analysis from the start.
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Embodied Carbon

The Footprint Company
The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time according to Architects Declare. With Giraffe you can now see your embodied carbon - while you design.
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Solar Access

Giraffe Technology
How much sun does the facade receive? We asked this question so many times, we built an app for our customers to use. See in less than 30 seconds the percentage of facade that sees more than 3 hours of sun & adjust your design to suit.
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Quarterly Imagery.

Metromap by Aerometrex
See the most accurate and up to date aerial imagery right from within Giraffe. Connect your existing metromap account, or purchase a subscription within Giraffe for only $550/user/year orContact Sales for Enterprise Pricing

Giraffe City

Visualise thousands of projects in one single view and see the metrics in a dashboard. Share the future of a city with the world.
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Urban Pinboard

Public engagement like you've never seen it. Publish your projects to Urban Pinboard and get detailed design feedback from the community. Whether it's the precinct or an entire community - engage residents in 3D.
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