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Site Search

Want to find sites/parcels that match a certain criteria? Giraffe's site search app is powered by The Nationwide Parcel Data Layer from Regrid. Allowing you to search, find, filter, and map parcels across the US against the criteria that makes sense for you.


Embodied Carbon

The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time according to Architects Declare. With Giraffe you can now see your embodied carbon - while you design.

Financial Modeling


Understanding the true projected IRR of your investments requires a time based model. Go beyond the simple financial components within Giraffe and start placing your cashflows in a time based view. Visually understand the impact to your deal as you experiment with real time feedback on structuring debts, expenses, incomes and annuities

Partner Integration


cove.tool is committed to de-carbonizing construction. With this integration, you can send Giraffe models directly to Cove to leverage their revolutionary energy modelling & environmental analysis.

Computational Design

Wind Comfort

A world first wind comfort application leveraging machine learning. In less than 2 minutes you can visualise the lawson criteria and wind levels on a building mass and surrounding buildings. Be confident in your concept and leverage wind analysis from the start.

Partner Integration


Real-time engineering solutions to drive efficient, innovative and sustainable design. Neuron is the simple solution to achieving improved floor efficiency and spatial flow.

Computational Design


Generate parcels and understand their financial return with this simple generative tool. Draw as a polygon or a line and see the lots populate and count automatically. Combine with the infrastructure tools & analytics module to fully understand costs vs yield of greenfield development


Sub Precinct

If you are working on a large master plan and need to break it down into smaller analytical nodes or precincts - the SubPrecinct can help you do exactly that. Simply group objects onto layers and identify the boundary of your precinct with a polygon. Once that is done, see the important metrics group by precinct. All the data is available to export as a csv

Computational Design


Randomly generate trees on a shape to meet your coverage requirements. View a report on the number of trees created, the average cost to maintain and the average amount of carbon sequested

Computational Design


Want to keep all the 3D buildings except for what is on your site? Run the context app - and it will bring in the 3D buildings within a radius, while removing those from your site.



Understand the amount of sky viewable from any ground point in this app. Useful for tall precincts, where this analysis can be costly and done far too late - but is required for compliance.


Design Compare

This app allows you to use a prior project as a baseline or standard for you to build your new project around. Leverage your previous project as a kit of parts - then monitor your use of those parts and ensure you are hitting the necessary KPIs for each of them.

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